Mental Health And Dating: Is There A Link?

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  • Recent research into dating apps reveals an important link between our mental health and dating life.
  • Experts have suggested ways in which we can take care of our mental well-being and romantic relationships.

A recent survey by QuackQuack, one of India’s best dating apps, delved into the dating lives of the country. It considered factors such as family background, health, career, gender, etc. to understand the romantic complexities of the average adult Indian man and woman. It showcased the impact of dating apps on mental health, as well as how mental health influences dating life.

Partner Compatibility

A compatible partner means a healthy relationship and better mental health, which not only enhance your dating life but also your general quality of life.

Thanks to algorithms and a more open approach to dating, the dating apps have been successful in generating scores of “partner compatibility” before relationships turn serious. In fact, the results showed that almost 40% of male users and 47% of female users of dating apps in the metropoles are happy with their current partners.

Difficulties In Dating Apps

However useful they are, dating apps face the stigma associated with “online dating”. Societal pressure, fear of judgment, safety concerns, and financial constraints often make it difficult for women to go out on dates. For men, the unequal male-female ratios, ghosting, and incompatibility concerns make ‘app dating’ difficult. This also negatively impacts their mental health and well-being.

Moreover, it was found that dating apps have lower rates of success in rural and suburban areas, in comparison to urban areas and metropoles.

Mental Health And Dating

Despite some negative feedback, the overall participant responses are affirmative that mental health and dating are interlinked. To take care of one is to take care of another! Dating apps are the future of relationships and so experts have suggested ways in which we can reap the benefits of the best dating apps in India. These include:

  • Respecting potential partners
  • Honoring the consent of all parties involved
  • Being communicative of your wants and needs
  • Giving time and effort into relationships
  • Taking care of your mental health during dating

Mental health plays a crucial role in how we conduct our social relationships and so we must prioritize it at all costs for a happy life.

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