‘Speak2Us’ Helpline In India Provides Essential Emotional Support For Mental Health


Helpline In India

In October 2020, the M. S. Chellamuthu Trust and Research Foundation established ‘Speak2Us,’ a mental health helpline in India, aimed at providing vital emotional support to individuals facing times of distress.

Since its inception, the helpline has received an overwhelming response, having received over 1,200 calls from the general public seeking assistance in times of emotional turmoil.

As the world observes World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10, with the theme of ‘creating hope through action,’ the dedicated volunteers of ‘Speak2Us’ shared their experiences with the media in Madurai.

Their efforts shed light on the helpline’s objectives, which are to guide callers through emotional distress by educating them about mental health and helping them rebuild their lives in the face of adverse events.

One distinctive aspect of ‘Speak2Us’ is that it is entirely managed by volunteers, and individuals from various walks of life who have come together to make a positive impact on mental health awareness and support within their community.

Srividhya, one of the volunteers, emphasized the helpline’s unique approach to addressing mental health issues.

“The uniqueness of the helpline,” she said, “is that it is completely managed by volunteers, who are from different walks of life.”

This diverse group of volunteers includes doctors, advocates, students, psychologists, and other professionals, all united by a common goal: to offer a safe and supportive space for individuals in emotional distress.

Importance Of ‘Speak2Us’ Helpline In India

G. Gurubharathy, the Principal of MS Chellamuthu Institute of Mental Health and Rehabilitation, highlighted the importance of mental health education in schools.

He noted that the Tamil Nadu government should consider introducing mental health as a subject in the school curriculum.

This step, he believes, would help children become more familiar with mental health issues, much like value education is taught in schools.

Furthermore, he proposed the introduction of happiness as a curriculum, underscoring the significance of emotional well-being in educational settings.

The genesis of the ‘Speak2Us’ helpline can be attributed to the visionary C. Ramasubramanian, a renowned psychiatrist and the founder of the M. S. Chellamuthu Trust.

Dr. Ramasubramanian recognized the need for a safe and supportive platform where individuals could freely discuss their emotional distress, promoting their mental well-being. His vision became a reality with the establishment of ‘Speak2Us.’

To further enhance the impact and reach of their initiative, ‘Speak2Us’ has garnered support from organizations such as the HCL Foundation and Basic Needs India Bangalore, who have become partners in this endeavor.

Their support has allowed the helpline in India to expand its services and extend its reach to more individuals in need of emotional support and guidance.

In a world where mental health issues often go unnoticed or untreated, initiatives like ‘Speak2Us’ play a crucial role in fostering a more compassionate and supportive society.

By offering a non-judgmental space for individuals to share their emotional distress, educating them about mental health, and assisting them in rebuilding their lives, ‘Speak2Us’ exemplifies the power of community-driven efforts to address mental health challenges.

As Madurai’s ‘Speak2Us’ helpline continues its mission of creating hope through action, it serves as a beacon of support for those facing emotional turmoil and a reminder that there is help and hope available to all who seek it.

With each call answered and each life touched, ‘Speak2Us’ reinforces the idea that together, we can make a difference in the lives of those struggling with mental health issues.

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