Howie Mandel Opens Up About OCD Treatment, Wife’s Ultimatum, and Breaking Mental Health Stigma

OCD Treatment

Howie Mandel, the well-known comedian and TV host, has been candid about his struggle with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and how his wife, Terry Mandel, played a crucial role in getting him to seek OCD treatment.

In a recent interview with, Howie shared that his OCD led him to exhibit particular behaviors, such as making his family spray everything down and avoiding touching items.

He even went to the extent of removing some of his children’s toys that he thought had touched the ground, which, he acknowledged, made life miserable for his family.

It was Terry who ultimately gave him an ultimatum, expressing her inability to continue living like this and the impact it was having on their children. She insisted that he needed to seek help for his OCD, or she wouldn’t be able to continue in the relationship. This ultimatum was the turning point that led Howie to therapy and a formal diagnosis of OCD.

OCD Treatment Includes Therapy And Medication

Receiving a diagnosis, according to Howie, was a comforting experience, even though he initially felt embarrassed about having a mental health condition. He recognized the stigma that surrounds mental health problems and the reluctance many people have to discuss them.

Nevertheless, he started medication and therapy to manage his OCD, which offered some relief, even though he still faces struggles at times.

Howie also emphasized the significance of the support he has received from Terry and his three children: son Alex and daughters Jackie and Riley. He described Terry’s unwavering support as a critical element in his journey towards recovery and stressed the importance of having people who stand by you in times of need.

Howie expressed his appreciation for his family’s understanding and encouragement, acknowledging that they could only offer support when he was open about his condition.

Having been through his own experience of diagnosis and treatment, Howie now aims to break the stigma associated with OCD and other mental health issues. He recognizes that the prevalence of OCD is much higher than people realize, and he wants to use his platform to raise awareness and offer support to those who are struggling.

He believes that the more people openly discuss their experiences with mental health, the more extensive the safety net becomes for those facing similar challenges.

In conclusion, Howie Mandel’s journey through OCD has been marked by challenges, but his wife’s ultimatum played a pivotal role in encouraging him to seek help. While he initially felt embarrassed about his diagnosis, he now sees the importance of discussing mental health openly and raising awareness about conditions like OCD.

Through his own experience, he hopes to contribute to breaking the stigma and offering support to others who may be dealing with similar issues. His story serves as a reminder that seeking help and talking about mental health can be transformative and healing.

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  • Howie Mandel Opens Up About OCD Treatment, Wife's Ultimatum, and Breaking Mental Health Stigma