People With Anxiety Can Find Relief With ASMR-videos

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People With Anxiety Can Find Relief News

A study confirms that anxiety can be treated with videos that induce feelings of relaxation and calmness.

For this purpose, researchers at Northumbria University studied the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR). ASMR is a very pleasant tingling sensation originating in the scalp and neck. It can be elicited by online video-induced triggers. Many people regularly watch ASMR videos for relaxation and reduction of anxiety, stress, insomnia, etc.

The study examined 36 ASMR-experiencers and 28 non-experiencers of ASMR. Both groups were asked to watch an ASMR video and complete certain assessments. The questions cover neuroticism, trait anxiety, and pre- and post- video anxiety.

The findings, published in PLOS ONE, show the benefits of ASMR videos in combating anxiety. In comparison to the non-experiencers, the ASMR-experiencers were people with greater scores of neuroticism and trait anxiety. Pre-video anxiety was also greater in the ASMR-experiencers. Therefore, they had greater video engagement than non-experiencers. They even stated that their anxiety was reduced after the video and they benefited from it.

In contrast, the results revealed that non-experiencers had lower scores of neuroticism and anxiety. Therefore, they had low video-engagement. They even reported no difference in their anxiety levels, before and after watching the video.

Further analysis highlights the links between personality traits, neuroticism, anxiety, and formulation of intervention programs.

The results provide evidence-based support for ASMR being a suitable psychological intervention for individuals suffering from neuroticism, severe anxiety, and anxiety in general. Moreover, the researchers, led by Charlotte Eid, enthusiastically added, “Our study found that watching an ASMR video reduced anxiety in those who experience ASMR tingles even when previously not familiar with the phenomenon.”

However, the researchers are hoping to understand ASMR better via further research.

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Eid, C. M., Hamilton, C., & Greer, J. (2022). Untangling the tingle: Investigating the association between the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR), neuroticism, and trait & state anxiety. PloS one, 17(2), e0262668.

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