The Top Trigger: Financial Stress Emerging As Primary Cause Of Youth Depression

Primary Cause Of Youth Depression

As economic uncertainties grip Vietnam, a disturbing trend is emerging where financial stress is contributing as the primary cause of youth depression.

The pressure to succeed and the societal expectation that men should be primary breadwinners are adding to the struggles faced by young individuals like 30-year-old Duc, who sacrificed his personal life for a career.

Financial Stress Recognized As Primary Cause Of Youth Depression

Duc, a young professional with expertise in information technology and stock trading, found himself ensnared in the pursuit of financial stability.

From the moment he graduated from university, he poured all his time and energy into work, neglecting his romantic relationship. Eventually, he made the heart-wrenching decision to part ways with his girlfriend of five years in the name of career advancement.

Confident in his abilities, Duc ventured into the stock market, initially enjoying some success. However, his fortunes took a swift downturn, setting in motion a chain of events that led him deeper into despair.

His investment portfolio began hemorrhaging money, leading him to borrow from friends in an attempt to cover his losses, only to face more financial setbacks.

Duc’s debt snowballed, accumulating to a staggering VND2 billion ($83,100), all while he grappled with the burden of a mortgage on his house.

The weight of his financial woes began to take a toll on his mental health, pushing him into the clutches of chronic insomnia. Seeking solace and an escape from mounting stress, he turned to alcohol as a coping mechanism.

The toll on Duc’s social life was evident as well; he gradually withdrew from friends and social connections, isolating himself further.

In the darkest moments of his struggle, he found himself occasionally talking to himself, a sign of the mounting psychological distress he was enduring.

Last month, Duc’s mental health crisis reached a breaking point, leading to his hospitalization. Dr. Tran Thi Hong Thu, the vice president of the Mai Huong Daytime Psychiatric Hospital in Hanoi, diagnosed him with depression, shedding light on the hidden agony that had consumed him.

Duc’s story reflects a broader societal issue in Vietnam, where the relentless pursuit of financial stability is driving many young people to the brink of mental health crises.

The prevailing notion that men should shoulder the family’s financial burdens adds another layer of pressure to an already challenging situation.

With the economy experiencing fluctuations and uncertainties, young individuals like Duc are grappling with immense stress and anxiety. The weight of these financial pressures can be overwhelming, often leading to serious mental health disorders.

Experts in Vietnam are increasingly concerned about this growing crisis. Mental health professionals are urging society to recognize the significance of mental well-being and the detrimental effects of excessive financial stress.

The need for accessible mental health services and support systems is becoming more critical than ever.

The journey of recovery for Duc and others facing similar challenges will be arduous.

Addressing the mental health crisis among Vietnam’s youth requires a multi-faceted approach, encompassing not only medical interventions but also societal changes in expectations and support systems.

As Duc embarks on his path to recovery, his story serves as a poignant reminder that the pursuit of financial success should never come at the expense of one’s mental health and well-being.

It’s a clarion call to society to recognize the signs of distress, provide support, and work collectively to reduce the mental health burden on Vietnam’s young generation.

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  • The Top Trigger: Financial Stress Emerging As Primary Cause Of Youth Depression