A Deeper Look: The Dedication Of Rare Beauty To Support Mental Health

Rare Beauty To Support Mental Health

In the world of makeup and beauty, Rare Beauty, the brainchild of Selena Gomez, has emerged as more than just another cosmetic brand. While Gomez serves as the face and creative force behind Rare Beauty, the heart of the brand beats in Elyse Cohen, the Vice President of Social Impact and Inclusion. In a recent interview for “Java with Jamie,” Cohen provided insights into the dedication of Rare Beauty to support mental health awareness and well-being for all.

Cohen and the interviewer met over coffee at Philz Coffee, conveniently located near Rare Beauty’s headquarters in El Segundo. As they enjoyed their coffee – Cohen opting for a dark roast with almond milk – they delved into the brand’s mission and its impact on mental health.

For Cohen, the power of coffee extends beyond its caffeine kick. She emphasized how coffee fosters a sense of community, a theme that resonates with Rare Beauty’s core values.

The brand aims to use beauty and makeup as tools for celebrating individuality rather than concealing perceived flaws. This approach aligns seamlessly with the broader conversation about mental health, especially in the wake of the pandemic.

Cohen’s background makes her a natural fit for her role as the VP of Social Impact at Rare Beauty. She holds a Master’s degree in public health, with a focus on communications and marketing, from George Washington University.

Additionally, she possesses a certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility from Johns Hopkins University. Her educational background and personal connection to mental health issues have equipped her to drive Rare Beauty’s mission forward.

An Innovative Decision By Rare Beauty To Support Mental Health

In her discussion with Selena Gomez, which occurred via Zoom, Cohen recognized the importance of using beauty and makeup as catalysts for conversations surrounding what makes each individual unique. Rare Beauty’s ethos revolves around the idea that beauty should celebrate individuality rather than impose unrealistic standards.

Cohen also pointed out that Rare Beauty’s dedication to mental health advocacy began well before the pandemic. However, the global health crisis intensified the need for open conversations about mental well-being.

Loneliness and mental health issues, particularly among the Gen Z population, were already on the rise pre-pandemic. The onset of the pandemic provided a unique platform for Rare Beauty to amplify these crucial conversations.

What sets Rare Beauty apart is its proactive approach to mental health advocacy. The brand encourages celebrities, schools, and individuals alike to engage in meaningful dialogues about mental health. It serves as a reminder that mental health is a topic that concerns us all, transcending age and background.

Rare Beauty’s commitment to mental health awareness and support extends far beyond marketing slogans. Elyse Cohen’s leadership in the realm of social impact underscores the brand’s genuine dedication to making a positive impact.

With Selena Gomez as the creative force behind the brand and Cohen driving the social impact initiatives, Rare Beauty is not just redefining beauty standards but also striving to create a more compassionate and inclusive world where mental health is prioritized.

As Rare Beauty continues to evolve and expand its reach, it serves as an inspiring example of how a cosmetics brand can be a catalyst for meaningful change. Through its unwavering commitment to mental health support and advocacy, Rare Beauty is helping to break down barriers and stigma surrounding mental health issues, fostering a society where everyone’s well-being is valued and prioritized.

In conclusion, Rare Beauty’s dedication to mental health support is not merely skin-deep; it runs through the brand’s core. Elyse Cohen’s passion and expertise in the field of social impact have positioned Rare Beauty as a beacon of hope and change in the beauty industry.

With a focus on celebrating individuality and promoting open conversations, Rare Beauty is leaving an indelible mark on both the world of cosmetics and the realm of mental health advocacy.

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  • A Deeper Look: The Dedication Of Rare Beauty To Support Mental Health