Selena Gomez’s Mental Health: Spotlight On Therapy

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Selena Gomez's Mental Health
  • A new documentary provided interesting insights into pop icon Selena Gomez’s mental health struggles.
  • She highlighted the importance of therapy and mental health awareness in combating the consequences of poor mental health.

Selena Gomez’s Struggles With Mental Health

Actor and singer Selena Gomez, in her new documentary My Mind & Me, talks of the difficulties of growing up in the public eye, the difficult relationship with the media, as well as her battles with lupus and bipolar disorder. She also discusses body image issues, unrealistic beauty standards, and the stigma associated with mental health.

The Conversation On Mental Health Therapy

Gomez repeatedly emphasizes the importance of mental healthcare in addressing issues related to mental health. She stated how going to therapy made her feel heard and understood and dispelled her own misconceptions about mental health.

Gomez remarked: “I think it’s less scary when you talk about it. So that’s some sense of freedom that I gained once I did it. Sharing your emotions is great. I’m a huge advocate for therapy.

Selena Gomez And Mental Health Innovations

Gomez has repeatedly dabbled in enterprises that promote mental health awareness. For instance, she produced the Netflix teen drama 13 Reasons Why which explores adolescent mental health issues and suicide.

She also launched the all-inclusive beauty brand “Rare Beauty” to do away with toxic beauty standards. More recently, she founded a mental fitness company called “Wondermind” to provide mental health resources and expert-backed content (free of charge) to de-stigmatize mental health conversations.

Selena Gomez’s story shows the importance of mental health for all and that timely diagnosis of mental health conditions and the right support through recovery can go a long way in enjoying a happier, purposeful life.

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