New Social Media Trend: Using Sour Candy to Halt Panic Attacks Gains Attention

Sour Candy to Calm Down Panic Attacks

Panic attacks, characterized by intense emotional and physical distress, are primarily triggered by the amygdala, a crucial brain region responsible for processing emotions and survival instincts, according to insights from FOLX Health clinician Melissa Miller.

The amygdala’s role in triggering the fight or flight response through the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) is vital for real danger but can misfire in response to perceived threats, leading to panic attacks.

Symptoms of panic attacks, Miller highlighted, encompass various manifestations such as heart palpitations, shortness of breath, stomach discomfort, dizziness, fear of dying, and feelings of detachment from oneself or reality.

Miller emphasized that dwelling on the panic attack exacerbates its symptoms. Often, these attacks stem from internal triggers—thoughts, memories, or bodily sensations—making it challenging to pinpoint the exact cause.

This lack of discernibility often leads individuals to seek emergency care, fearing a heart attack or stroke during an episode.

Can Sour Candy Offer Relief During Panic Attacks?

Taylor, the podcast host behind “Taylor Talking,” gained widespread attention after posting a viral TikTok video.

There she recommended a unique strategy for managing panic attacks: the consumption of a Warhead sour candy, a suggestion she received from her therapist.

According to Miller, this particular method serves as a grounding technique, redirecting one’s focus away from distressing thoughts and sensations that trigger panic. By engaging in this distraction, the brain is signaled that there is no imminent danger.

Miller further expounded on the origins of panic attacks, noting that they often stem from internal triggers that inundate individuals with overwhelming thoughts linked to past events or apprehensions about the future.

The primary objective of these diversionary tactics is to assist individuals in returning to the present moment, aiding them in diminishing the physical symptoms associated with panic attacks.

While the consumption of sour candy, such as Warheads, functions as a disruptor for the brain, drawing attention away from the panic-inducing thoughts, Miller emphasized that the effectiveness of these grounding techniques relies on a comprehensive understanding of panic attacks.

Pairing these techniques with reinforcing affirmations like “I am not in real danger” constitutes a robust strategy for coping during such distressing episodes.

Community Responses and Variations in Coping Methods

Following Taylor’s TikTok video, a multitude of viewers enthusiastically engaged by sharing their personal go-to distraction methods in response.

These ranged from various items such as Altoids, ice cubes, and sour Skittles to Listerine melts and lemons.

The general sentiment expressed by commenters resonated with the efficacy of diversionary tactics as valuable tools for handling and mitigating the impact of panic attacks.

An observant user pointed out a trend among therapists, noting an increased emphasis on endorsing coping mechanisms that foster mental clarity amidst the turbulence of a panic episode.

This observation underscored the significance of achieving a sense of clarity as a pivotal element in self-soothing during such distressing moments.

Therapeutic Perspectives and the Added Benefit of a Treat

Clinicians like Miller advocate for grounding techniques, acknowledging their role in steering individuals away from the fear spiral of panic attacks.

These tactics, when coupled with a comprehension of the mechanics behind panic attacks, offer a roadmap to cognitive safety amidst distressing situations.

Furthermore, the use of sour candy to halt panic attacks may come with an unexpected bonus: a sweet reward.

“It’s like a reward!” remarked Taylor, acknowledging the enjoyable aspect of using candies like Warheads in managing panic.

A Unique Coping Mechanism Gains Traction

In conclusion, the TikTok trend sparked by Taylor’s advice on using sour candy as a distraction from panic attacks has garnered attention for its practicality and effectiveness.

As mental health discussions continue to evolve, the inclusion of such diverse coping techniques underscores the importance of understanding and managing panic attacks, offering individuals a tangible way to regain control during moments of distress.

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  • New Social Media Trend: Using Sour Candy to Halt Panic Attacks Gains Attention