Suman Pinto Honored as “Person of the Year, 2023” by the Link Association for Outstanding Contributions in Addiction Recovery

Suman Pinto

To recognize her dedication and service in the field of addiction recovery, the Link Association has named Suman Pinto, who is an accomplished addiction counselor with over 30 years of experience “Person of the year 2023”.

This award shows how much influence Suman had on addictions treatment, especially within coastal Karnataka.

Early Years and Educational Background

Suman Pinto started her career as an addiction recovery specialist after completing her Masters in Social Work from Roshni Nilaya in 1995.

As a top addiction rehabilitation expert, she has worked at Link Integrated Rehabilitation Center since then.

Some of the other institutions she has served include Father Mullers Hospital, K S Hegde Medical Academy, and Prajna Counselling Centre in Mangaluru where she worked with notable psychiatrists.

Director of Addiction Treatment Center at Dr. Tunga’s Manaswini Hospital

Presently, Suman is serving as Director of Addiction Treatment Center at Dr.Tunga’s Manaswini Hospital located on the outskirts of Mangaluru.

Under Suman’s guidance, the center has evolved to incorporate holistic approaches through evidence-based practices towards recovery from substance abuse.

The award “Person of the Year 2023” set up by The Link Association in collaboration with Ecolink Institute for Well-being is a testimony to her commitment.

It is almost three decades’ worth of remarkable services rendered during this period in relation to drug abuse victims’ rehabilitation.

The function was held during its annual assembly on January 13th where this honor was bestowed upon India’s pioneer group providing addiction recovery services along coastal Karnataka.

Suman’s contributions to Addiction Therapy and Recovery Programs

Suman made significant differences through her career in formulating different aspects within therapy for addictions and other recovery programs.

It should be noted that many successful community-based deaddiction camps conducted under Dharmasthala have seen KS Hedge Medical Academy as a pivotal institution in program development for over a decade.

She was a researcher at K S Hegde Hospital, and her findings were part of a study that compared the outcomes of addiction under institutional care versus community-based approaches.

This demonstrates her commitment to grounding addiction recovery on evidence-based practices in order to advance the field.

International Recognition and Continuous Learning

Recently, Suman successfully completed the International Certificate Course on Universal Treatment Curriculum on Substance Use Disorder offered by Ecolink International Institute, which is a global syllabus.

This accomplishment illustrates her dedication to keeping up with current trends in global addiction recovery practices.Suman has become an invaluable resource person, researcher, and guide for students.

This explains why she has conducted various awareness programs on substance use disorder aimed at different target groups all over Karnataka including a number of mental health institutions thus making a difference in community education and outreach.

Testimonials from Colleagues and Leaders

According to Vivek Vincent Pais who serves as the president of Link Association, Suman’s choice for this award is due to her commitment towards offering services professionally that are unmatched within three decades’ time frame.

Vivek Vincent Pais called her “a guru” in counseling and psychotherapy dealing with addicted patients.

In this article, the director of Ecolink Institute – Thomas Scaria commends Suman as an excellent counselor and therapist who has worked with numerous alcohol or drug-dependent individuals. Scaria admitted that Suman helped them to become happy and live prosperous lives.

A Pioneer in Drug Rehabilitation

Suman Pinto’s careers as a counselor for addicts was marked by her unwavering devotion, constant learning, and transformative influence.

Thus, the honor of becoming the “Person of the Year 2023” by The Link Association is a right recognition of Suman’s substantial contribution to addiction recovery.

Thus, Suman Pinto remains a true pioneer paving an innovative road towards a more humane approach to addiction treatment that leads others to a healthier society without addictions.

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  • Suman Pinto Honored as "Person of the Year, 2023" by the Link Association for Outstanding Contributions in Addiction Recovery