Young Woman Survives Terrifying Carjacking En Route to Work

A young woman surviving carjacking heals through EMDR

That situation was the first time that a 23-year-old woman experienced a terrifying carjacking, where she faced almost certain death during her regular work trip on a freezing evening in January three years ago.

She was well accustomed to her peaceful existence, walking through New Orleans cold streets unusually for her destination at the local newsroom. This was the beginning of a significant and terrifying chapter in her life.

She said goodbye to her pets wrapped up in warm clothes and walked into the icy air that started her shift.

While she drove through dimly lit roads, she focused on what she had to do before reaching the office. But soon after, her relaxing journey took an alarming twist.

As soon as she got close to a traffic signal, she saw another car racing towards her with its headlights on high beam.

Not even knowing that it was about to get worse for her, this woman’s nightmare began here. One moment later, three-armed people appeared from nowhere and pointed guns at her.

She could not imagine being in such danger; fear gripped her. A live-action horror film scene unfolded before our eyes as they ordered my client out of the car threatening her life right there without thinking twice about it.

She gave up control over this vehicle to them allowing herself to see how it would speed away into darkness together with all sense of safety and normality that existed around here.

In shock and stranded alone on an empty road, she went quickly towards a nearby petrol station with thoughts of finding help there.

Shaking and crying profusely, this victim tried calling police and loved ones starting by contacting mother and then boyfriend who were only able to provide comfort under such circumstances.

The aftermath of that traumatizing event turned out to be surreal for this individual’s safety.

Nights were full of dreams about terror which aroused tears when asleep. There was a feeling of unease with no particular cause or reason why; everything seemed different because suddenly the world had become hostile.

Still, there was a ray of light in her therapy amidst all these hardships. She began the journey of what is known as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

Led by a compassionate therapist, she went through phases designed to help unravel the trauma.

She had made up her mind to face her fears, relive the horrible memories and change how she viewed things.

The steps in EMDR were carefully planned so as to disentangle the dominating grip that this traumatic experience held on her mind and body.

This was a systematic approach that sought not to forget but to change. Thus, she would come out of it with greater resilience.

With each session, there was a step closer to re-owning herself and undoing victimhood.

Therapy dragged on for months accompanied by moments where she cried her heart out and slowly healed.

Even though the night stayed with her, marked by scars, she emerged from it having found strength and purpose in herself anew.

At present, she approaches life cautiously but with an unyielding spirit that springs from endurance.

She does not see herself as a carjacking victim anymore, even though the event continues to haunt her in many different ways.

She is about resilience and will not allow fear to dictate her life. She now feels empowered.

It is an inspiration to others who face different challenges. It simply depicts how human beings can fight adversities and win over them.

But she remembers the scars as evidence of her strength and endurance when moving ahead.

In such times her story is a shining example of bravery for those who may have lost their way amidst such stormy waters.

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  • Young Woman Survives Terrifying Carjacking En Route to Work