Use Of Marijuana Among Youth With Mood Disorder Leads To Higher Risk of Death, Finds Study

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A recent study has revealed that youth with mood disorders prone to using marijuana are at higher risk for death and self-harm. In this study, the link between cannabis use disorder (CUD) was examined with self-harm, suicide, and overall mortality risk in young individuals with mood disorders. The study was conducted on 204,780 young people (aged 10 to 24 years) with a diagnosis of mood disorders and linked to death certificates. The analysis used Ohio Medicaid claims data to identify the same.

The researchers found that the prevalence rate of CUD was 10.3% in youth with mood disorders and was strikingly associated with older age, male sex, black race, bipolar, or other mood disorders, prior history of self-harm, previous mental health outpatient visits, psychiatric hospitalizations, and mental health emergency department visits. A link was also found between CUD and nonfatal self-harm and all-cause mortality along with death by unintentional overdose and homicide.

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Cynthia A. Fontanella, PhD; Danielle L. Steelesmith, PhD; Guy Brock, PhD; et al. Association of Cannabis Use With Self-harm and Mortality Risk Among Youths With Mood Disorders. (2021). doi:10.1001/jamapediatrics.2020.5494

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