Attachment Style Test

Attachment Styles

Are you more anxious and less satisfied with your relationships? Do you see attachment as a weakness? Or are you desperate for a fairy tale love? Take this free attachment style test to determine your attachment style.

Knowing your attachment style is the first step to creating more meaningful connections, feeling valued, and developing more harmony in your relationships!

What Is Attachment Styles?

Attachment styles define how we connect with others. It influences the way we react, interact, respond and behave with other people.

According to Bowlby’s attachment theory, our attachment styles are shaped during the early stages of childhood and are dependent on our relationship with our primary caregivers. It includes how we respond to others emotionally through our behaviors and interactions as adults.

The quality of attachment is greatly determined by the parental response to the infant when they are distressed. There are four main attachment styles –

1. Secure Attachment – When a child feels secure and accepted by their primary caregivers. It is formed when a parent consistently attends to the child’s needs.
2. Dismissive Attachment – When a child feels abandoned by their primary caregiver. The caregiver fails to attend to the emotional needs of the child.
3. Anxious/Preoccupied Attachment – It is formed due to an inconsistent parenting style. The child feels anxious when separated from parents and are hard to console even after they return.
4. Fearful avoidant/ disorganized attachment – It is a combination of both anxious attachment and dismissive attachment style. Children with this attachment style grow up believing that they are unworthy of love.

The style of attachment is passed down from generation to generation. Children learn emotional bonding from their parents.

Hence, it is crucial to pay attention to how you are comforting your children when they are in distress. This plays a significant role in the child’s future relationships and how they relate and connect to their own children.

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Below is a list of questions that relate to Attachment-style of an individual in different areas of life. Please read each question carefully, and select the option that suits you most.

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