Gaslighting Test

Gaslighting Test

Do you sometimes feel like someone is manipulating or controlling you? Are you experiencing feelings of insecurity and anxiety that leave you doubting your own abilities? Do you find it hard to speak up for yourself and feel misunderstood when criticized by others? Take our free Gaslighting Test to determine if you may be a victim of gaslighting.

What Is Gaslighting?

Gaslighting is a manipulative tactic often employed in toxic or abusive relationships, wherein the abuser subtly undermines the target’s sense of reality by creating a false narrative and causing them to question their own judgment.

As a result, the victim begins to feel uncertain about their perception of the world, and may even start to doubt their own sanity. Gaslighting can be perpetrated by a romantic partner, family member, employer, doctor, or anyone else in a position of power.

Some examples of Gaslighting are-

  • Blaming the victim for things that are not their fault and making them feel guilty.
  • Denying or dismissing the victim’s feelings and experiences, making them question their own emotions.
  • Creating a false reality by lying, hiding information, or manipulating situations to make the victim doubt what is real.
  • Accusing the victim of being overly sensitive or emotional, minimizing their valid concerns.

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Instructions For Taking Online Gaslighting Test

Check out the list of questions below that are commonly associated with the experiences of individuals who have been gaslighted. Take the time to consider each question thoughtfully, and indicate how frequently you have encountered similar challenges in your own life over the past few months.

Please note: This gaslighting online test is not a diagnostic tool and is only meant for self-assessment.

No. of questions – 15

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