Detachment Test

Detachment Test

Do you feel emotionally disconnected or distant from others? Do you struggle to form meaningful relationships? Do you enjoy spending time alone? Or, do you experience a lack of excitement or interest in life? Take this Detachment test to know whether you have a feeling of detachment /alienation or not.

What is Detachment?

Detachment or alienation refers to a psychological state characterized by feelings of disconnection, isolation, and a sense of being emotionally or socially detached from others and one’s surroundings. It can manifest as a feeling of not belonging, experiencing difficulty in forming close relationships or perceiving oneself as an outsider.

Detachment or alienation can also involve a sense of numbness, emptiness, or a lack of emotional connection to oneself or others. Individuals with feelings of detachment may exhibit the following characteristics or behaviors:

  • They may appear emotionally distant or detached, showing limited emotional expression or responsiveness
  • They may prefer solitude or limit their social interactions, distancing themselves from group activities or gatherings
  • They may struggle to establish close connections with others, finding it challenging to trust or open up to people
  • They may frequently feel disconnected or like they don’t fit in social or cultural contexts
  • They may have difficulty understanding or relating to the emotions and experiences of others.

Instructions For Taking Detachment Test

Below is a list of statements related to an individual’s feelings of detachment or alienation. Please read each statement carefully and rate the extent to which these are relevant to you.

Please note: This Detachment test is a self-assessment and not a diagnostic test.

No. of questions – 15

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