Conduct Disorder Test

Is your child displaying aggressive behavior towards people and animals? Breaking social rules such as stealing and destroying property, engaging in physical fights and using weapons, and showing disrespect to parents and elders? These are signs of Conduct Disorder. Try this online conduct disorder test to find out if your child exhibits any of these behaviors.

What Is Conduct Disorder (CD)?

Conduct disorder is a serious behavioral and emotional disorder that occurs in children and gradually increases during the time of adolescence. Symptoms of this disorder initiate before the age of 10 years and are diagnosed till the boy/girl is under the age of 18 years.

The characteristics of this disorder are marked by patterns of-

  • Disruptive and violent social rule-breaking behavior,
  • Typically engaging in physical and verbal aggression,
  • Theft of others’ property,
  • Destroying valuable goods,
  • Showing cruelty to both people and animals,
  • Engaging with others in forceful sexual activities.

Adolescents with these characteristics typically run away from school/home and lie to authority figures to get the desired things from them.

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Instructions For Taking Conduct Disorder Test Online

Below is a list of questions that relate to the behavior common among children with signs of Conduct Disorder (CD). Please read each question carefully, and select the answers that suggest how often your child reacted in the same or similar way in the past 6 months.

Please note: This test is a self-assessment and not a diagnostic test. To diagnose a child with Conduct Disorder, symptoms must occur at least for 6 months and must initiate before the age of 10 years till the age of 18 years of the child.

No. of questions – 15