Impulse Control Disorder Test

Are you a person who likes to act on impulse irrespective of the possible consequences? Or do you engage in considerable deliberation before doing everything? Take the impulse control disorder test to find out how you handle your impulses.

What is Impulse Control Disorder?

Impulse control disorders (ICDs) refer to behavioral urges that are dangerous and harmful to a person and/or the people around them. Impulse control disorders often result in impaired functioning in one’s personal, social, and professional life. They can also lead to financial and legal issues.

A lack of impulse control can result in various conditions such as conduct disorder, kleptomania, pyromania, etc.

ICDs most often start in childhood and can continue well into adulthood. There can be several reasons for the development of this condition, such as exposure to extreme violence and aggression during childhood, a family history of mental health conditions, dysregulation of neurotransmitters, lack of parental supervision or parental neglect, etc.

However, timely diagnosis and effective treatment in the form of therapy or medication can help combat this mental health condition to a great degree.

Instructions For Taking Impulse Control Disorder Test

Below is a list of questions that relate to impulse control. Please read each of them carefully and choose the option that best describes you.

Please Note: This impulse control test is a self-test and not a replacement for a medical diagnosis.