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Panic Disorder Test

    Panic Disorder Test

    Do you feel nervous and panicky even when everything is fine? Do unknown situations make you feel scared and apprehensive? You should take this Panic Disorder test to find out whether you have any of the common symptoms of panic disorder or not.

    Panic Disorder is a kind of anxiety disorder that causes intense, serious, unexpected, and recurrent panic attacks. Most of the time, you won’t even realize when it’s going to strike you. People who suffer from panic disorder tend to experience rapid breathing, feelings of terror, and rapid heartbeats. Can you relate to these symptoms?

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    Feeling anxious and fearful when it comes to stressful events are normal human reactions, but there’s a huge difference between this and having a full-blown panic attack. Suffering from panic disorder is very, very different compared to just feeling a bit anxious in certain situations.

    Panic disorders are way more extreme and unexpected, and most of the time, there’s no way of knowing when a panic attack is going to strike you. Sometimes, you might suffer a panic attack without any reason whatsoever, and sometimes a stressful or traumatic situation might even trigger one.

    According to the National Institute Of Mental Health (NIMH), around 2.7% of the American population are diagnosed with panic disorder. And approximately, around 46% of these people tend to be diagnosed with severe panic disorder.

    Panic disorder is generally more common amongst women than men. The symptoms of panic disorder tend to show during late adolescence or young adulthood. For some, it’s because of stress or traumatic events, while for others, it simply occurs without any reason whatsoever. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, almost 6 million Americans experience the symptoms of panic disorder.

    Some of the most defining symptoms of Panic Disorder are as follows:

    • Chest Pain
    • Shaking or trembling
    • Chills
    • Hot Flashes
    • A constant feeling that something bad is going to happen
    • Nausea
    • Tingling sensation or numbness
    • Feelings of detachment
    • Fear of death
    • Abdominal cramping
    • Headache and body ache
    • Lightheadedness or dizziness
    • Tightness in throat
    • Shortness of breath
    • Fear of loss of control
    • Rapid heartbeat

    Even though the exact reasons behind panic disorder might not be known, some of the probable causes are as follows:

    • Female gender
    • Age
    • Genetics
    • Major life transitions or life changes
    • Traumatic or stressful events

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    Instructions For Taking Panic Disorder Test

    A list of questions is mentioned in this free Panic Disorder test which relates to life experiences that are common among people who display Panic Disorder symptoms. Please read each question carefully, and indicate how often you have experienced the same or similar challenges in the past few months.

    Approx time – 15 minutes
    No. of questions – 25