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Procrastination Test

    Procrastination Test

    Are you a procrastinator? Do you keep wondering why you procrastinate so much even when it can have serious consequences for you? Procrastination can often lead to poor physical and mental health issues and hence it is important to be aware of such tendencies. If you are wondering whether you are a procrastinator, then take this short quiz to find out.

    Learn More About Procrastination

    Procrastination refers to the act of deliberately delaying or postponing decisions and actions. It keeps us from starting and completing certain tasks and makes us waste time on doing unnecessary things. If you have to work on an urgent assignment, but you keep scrolling through social media even though you have a strict deadline, then you are procrastinating. It is defined as an intention to finish a task, yet acting contrary to that intention by engaging in other activities or postponing the task. Although delaying an unpleasant responsibility may seem like a good solution for the time being, it leads to stress, anxiety and further challenges in the long run.

    Experts have found that frequent procrastination can develop into a serious habit that can affect our work, relationships and other aspects of our lives. It can also lead to health issues, unnecessary expenditures, career difficulties and lost opportunities. It is often driven by our need for perfectionism, task aversion, fear of failure and lack of self-control & motivation. Having a constant tendency to procrastinate may be a risk factor for different psychological issues like anxiety, depression and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

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    Instructions For Taking Procrastination Test

    A list of questions is mentioned below that relate to life experiences that are common among people who frequently procrastinate. Please read each question carefully, and indicate how often you have experienced the same or similar challenges in the past few months.

    Approx time – 15 minutes
    No. of questions – 30