Risk Taking Test

Risk Taking Test

Do you have an appetite for risk in life? Do you place more trust in your intuition and inner desires rather than conforming to society’s conventional rules? If you enjoy living with unpredictability and find that taking risks motivates and rewards you, then take this Risk Taking test to discover how frequently you engage in risk-taking behavior in life.

What Is Risk-taking Behavior?

Risk-taking is a personality trait that indicates how willing a person is to take risks. Individuals differ in their willingness to take risks. A person’s willingness to take risks may vary across different areas of their life.

But much like the intelligence quotient (IQ), there is a factor representing individual risk preferences, and this remains constant over time and age. Before proceeding with risk taking assessment, check out the below-given signs.

Some of the signs of risk-taking behavior are-

  • Uncontrolled usage of Alcohol and drugs
  • Taking immediate decisions without thinking about the future consequences
  • Reckless driving and traveling to dangerous and unknown places
  • Engaging in criminal activities and fighting with others

Instructions For Taking Risk Taking Test

A list of statements is mentioned below that relate to life experiences common among people who show risk-taking behavior. Please read each statement carefully, and indicate how often you have gone through the same or similar experiences in the past few months.

No. of questions – 20

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