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Risk Taking Test

    Risk Taking Test

    Does the idea of taking a risk trigger you to panic, or does it send a thrill down your spine? Check your level of confidence with our free risk-taking test.

    Learn More About Risk taking

    Risk taking is a personality trait that indicates how willing a person is to take risks.

    Individuals differ in their willingness to take risks. A person’s willingness to take risks may vary across different areas of their life. But much like the intelligence quotient (IQ), there is a factor representing individual risk preferences, and this remains constant over time and age.

    Take this test to find out how likely you are to take risks.

    Instructions For Taking Risk Taking Test

    To assess your risk taking inclination, answer the following questions frankly. If the situation does not matter to you, pick the response that best corresponds to your conceivable reaction to the situation. Please read each question carefully, and indicate how often you have experienced the same or similar challenges in the past few months

    No. of questions – 15
    Approx Time – 8 Minutes