Did You Know e-Tattoo Can Detect When You’re Stressed Out?


Palm E-Tattoo Can Detect Your Stress

Mental Health News

A team of researchers at the University of Texas explored how a palm e-tattoo can detect mental distress. The study is published in the journal Nature Communications.

The Study

The researchers experimented with a wide variety of palm-monitoring technology, particularly electronic tattoos that detect when you’re stressed out during any activity.

The Findings

The researchers settled on an e tattoo on your palm that is graphene-based, nearly invisible, and connects to a smartwatch. This e-tattoo measures electrical potential from the human body, leading to very accurate readings of stress, anxiety, etc.

The authors added: “[The device] is so unobstructive that people sometimes forget they had them on, and it also reduces the social stigma of wearing these devices in such prominent places on the body.

To Know More You May Refer To

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