Addiction To Sun Is In Your Genes, Research Says

News: People who love basking in sun have genes involved in addiction, behavioural and personality traits and brain function according to a new study led by King’s College London researchers.

Researchers studied detailed health information of 2,500 United Kingdom twins, including their sun-seeking behaviour and genetics. Identical twins in a pair were more likely to have a similar sun-seeking behaviour than non-identical twins. The data highlights that the behaviour concerning UV exposure is complicated by a genetic predisposition.

The team identified five key genes involved in sun-seeking behaviour and some of these genes have been linked to risk-taking behaviour and addiction, including smoking, cannabis and alcohol consumption and multiple sex partners.

“Our results suggest that tackling excessive sun exposure or use of tanning beds might be more challenging than expected, as it is influenced by genetic factors. It is important for the public to be aware of this predisposition, as it could make people more mindful of their behaviour and the potential harms of excessive sun exposure,” said senior author Dr Mario Falchi. The findings have important implications for designing skin cancer awareness campaigns.

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