Can Birdwatching Improve Our Mental Health? Study Finds

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Birdwatching Improves Our Mental Health

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A team of researchers at King’s College London explored how birdwatching and hearing birdsong improve mental health. The study is published in the journal Scientific Reports.

The Study

The researchers asked 1292 participants, recruited worldwide, to complete 26,856 assessments using an app called “Urban Mind”. The app asked the participants, three times a day, if they were being around birds, watching birds, or hearing birdsong. They also rated this association with nature and how it impacted their mental well-being.

The Findings

The results revealed the mental health benefits of birdwatching and birdsong. Watching birds near you, listening to birdsong, and being around birds boosts mental health. In particular, this daily dose of nature reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety.

One of the lead researchers, Andrea Mechelli, elaborated: “Our study provides an evidence base for creating and supporting biodiverse spaces that harbor birdlife, since this is strongly linked with our mental health. In addition, the findings support the implementation of measures to increase opportunities for people to come across birdlife, particularly for those living with mental health conditions such as depression.

To Know More You May Refer To

Hammoud, R., Tognin, S., Burgess, L. et al. Smartphone-based ecological momentary assessment reveals mental health benefits of birdlife. Sci Rep 12, 17589 (2022).

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