Can AI-powered Mental Health Support Replace Human Therapists?

Mental Health News: According to a recent source, some experts believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can make mental health treatment easily accessible and cost-effective.

Health care professionals and researchers are looking to AI to define mental illness more objectively, identify vulnerable people and deliver quality care. No doubt, mental illness is a burning issue across the globe. But, COVID-19 has skyrocketed the number of people in need of mental health advice and support.

Considering the scarcity of mental-health professionals, AI seems to be a promising tool. Online health portals, social media apps, and other platforms that dispense mental health advice often use AI. People can use these tools for therapy anywhere, anytime, and at a lower price than traditional therapy sessions. The algorithms supporting AI-powered chatbots are designed from massive data generated from various digital technologies, social media posts, therapy-session transcripts, mind scans, and other sources to decode patterns that might be maddening for people to detect.

However, the efficacy of the AI for mental health therapy is questionable for there is a risk of dangerous recommendations and breach of privacy and confidentiality.

The Wall Street Journal hosted a conversation about these issues with eminent people in the field of mental health and the founder of a company using AI to evaluate psychotherapy, which revealed that AI-human collaboration could be a reasonable next step.

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