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Why Do Smokers Crave For Coffee and Cigarettes In The Morning?

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    Brain News

    Researchers at the University of Florida revealed how early morning consumption of coffee and cigarettes are related. The study showed that morning coffee makes nicotine cravings worse. The study is published in the journal Neuropharmacology.

    The Study

    In several experiments, the researchers applied a dark-roasted coffee solution to cells that contain the brain’s nicotine receptors.

    The Findings

    The results revealed that n-MP, one of the compounds in brewed coffee, triggers nicotine receptor dysfunction in the brain. That’s why smokers after they have had their morning coffee, experience early morning nicotine cravings.

    The study divulges a complicated take on the link between coffee and health as it claims caffeine and nicotine quell each other’s cravings in the human brain—much like alcohol and nicotine consumption.

    One of the lead researchers, Roger L. Papke, elaborated: “Many people look for coffee in the morning because of the caffeine. But was the coffee doing anything else to smokers? [Apparently yes].

    To Know More You May Refer To

    Papke, R. L., Karaffa, M., Horenstein, N. A., & Stokes, C. (2022). Coffee and cigarettes: Modulation of high and low sensitivity α4β2 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors by n-MP, a biomarker of coffee consumption. Neuropharmacology216, 109173.