How Did The COVID-19 Pandemic Affect The Mental Health Of Students?


  • Research shows that the COVID-19 pandemic severely affected the mental health of students
  • Researchers and educators recommend online guidance and education tools to help students in the crisis.

The Covid Pandemic And Students

The COVID-19 pandemic had devastating consequences on children’s mental health and that of adolescents, and young adults in India. The social isolation, reduced educational and employment opportunities, and a fear of infection had a significant impact on their mental health. In fact, a recent survey on the mental health of college students during the COVID emergency revealed that fear of a family member contracting COVID-19 significantly increased the students’ levels of depression and anxiety.

In Search Of New Avenues

However, the silver lining in the crisis came in the increased harnessing of online and distanced educational and professional opportunities.

Especially in cases where academics got derailed, researchers, educators, and other professionals look to online resources and assistance to salvage the situation. They also recommended bringing back the older “offline assistance”, such as job fairs, career counseling fairs, etc. They recommended parents, teachers, and other caregivers take into account the students’ own aspirations and mental health, despite the availability of a large number of educational and communicative resources.

Dr. Ram Singh, a renowned educator, and school principal elaborated, “Joint efforts are required to face the challenges of the pandemic and come out of it.”

Recently, for example, Delhi Public School (DPS), Ranchi, held a global university fair with seminars to raise awareness about the COVID 19 effects on the mental health of students. At the fair, a career consultancy service also helped students select courses and educational institutions both within India and abroad.

The Bigger Picture

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the drawbacks of the Indian education system that heavily emphasizes grades and competitiveness, brushing aside important knowledge and skills related to personal and professional well-being. Experts are enthusiastic that an education system that inculcates life skills and mental health is the only way out of the current crisis faced by educators and students alike. With this approach, India will not only create financially well-off job seekers, but also impactful leaders for its future.

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