Men And Women Have Different Friendship Preferences, Study Finds

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Differences Between Male And Female Friendships

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American researchers explored the differences between male and female friendships. The study is published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior.

The Study

The Department of Psychology from three different universities—Hamilton College, Oklahoma State University, and Arizona State University—conducted three studies with 745 participants. The researchers used a paradigm adapted from behavioral economics to assess ideal hypothetical and actual friends of both genders.

The Findings

The results revealed the gender differences in friendship patterns. It showed that men and women base their same-sex friendships on different values and functions. It was found that men value “same-sex friends who are physically formidable, possess high status, possess wealth, and afford access to potential mates”. In contrast, women “highly value friends who provide emotional support, intimacy, and useful social information”.

To Know More You May Refer To

Williams, K. E., Krems, J. A., Ayers, J. D., & Rankin, A. M. (2022). Sex differences in friendship preferences. Evolution and Human Behavior, 43(1), 44-52.

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