Having A View Of The Ocean Improves Mental Health, Research Confirms

Mental Health News: New Study found that living near blue spaces or having ocean views is linked to lower levels of psychological distress and better mental health.

Mental health disorders like depression, psychoses, bipolar disorder are the leading cause of disability across the globe, according to the World Health Organization. It has significant impacts on physical health and major social, human rights, and economic consequences. 

Researchers at Michigan State University used various topography data to study the visibility of blue and green spaces (forests and grassy parks) from residential locations in Wellington, New Zealand. They  analyzed data from the New Zealand Health Survey, which used Kessler Psychological Distress Scale, or K10 that accurately predicts anxiety and mood disorders. The team had taken into account the residents’ wealth, age, gender and other neighborhood factors. 

The results showed that having ocean views was significantly associated with improved mental health. However, the visibility of green space did not show the same calming effect. It may be because green patches in urban open spaces are not as natural as blue spaces. Sports fields, playgrounds, and other human-made areas are part of the green spaces in cities. Well, the researchers may find different results studying the mental health and viability of native forests. 

The study has important implications for effective city planning i.e constructing high-rise buildings or affordable homes in locations with ocean views to promote mental health.

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  • Having A View Of The Ocean Improves Mental Health, Research Confirms