How To Improve Mental Health: Just Ensure You Fulfill These 3 Criteria

How To Improve Mental Health
  • Research is looking into easy ways when it comes to how to improve mental health.
  • A good relationship, passion, and a healthy exercise regime have cropped up as considered factors to improve mental health.

Experts have confirmed the benefits of certain influential factors on mental health. A recent spate of studies explored the positive link between fulfilling relationships, passion, adequate exercise, and sound mental well-being.

3 Steps To Improve Mental Health


Studies reveal that healthy and fulfilling relationships are important for maintaining good mental health. Relationships based on love, trust, and support are associated with brain growth, increased neuroplasticity, and improved emotional regulation and cognitive processes. These advantages fuel:

  • Greater psychological resilience against stress
  • Healthier social connections
  • Greater quality of life
  • Greater chances of personal and professional successes


Emerging research attests that passion or love for certain activities is linked with better psychological well-being. Happiness-relevant activities are associated with a greater dose of dopamine that triggers attention, rewards, learning, and goal-oriented behavior. Doing what we love or what interests us not only gives us a sense of direction but also helps us in attaining long-term goals.

Physical Activity

Adequate levels of physical activity comprise one of the major factors affecting mental health. Regular exercise helps develop better motor control and mindfulness, as well as improve blood flow and muscle strength.

It bumps up the production of “feel good” neurotransmitters or endorphins and reduces the risks of neurocognitive disorders like dementia. Moreover, because physical and mental health goes hand-in pressure, a good exercise regime provides a safeguard against cardiovascular disorders, sleep disorders, and irritability.

Gear Up To Improve Mental Health

Simple changes in our way of life that make us thrive in a loving relationship, work for something we love, and get ample exercise can do wonders for our mental and physical health. 

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  • How To Improve Mental Health: Just Ensure You Fulfill These 3 Criteria