Inadequate Sleep Amplifies Angry Feelings, Says New Study

Health News: Researchers at American Academy of Sleep Medicine found that lost sleep amplifies anger and undermines emotional adaptation to frustrating circumstances.

The research team analyzed daily diary entries from 202 college students that tracked their sleep, daily stressors, and anger over one month. Results showed that people with less sleeping hours experienced more anger.

The researchers further conducted a lab experiment involving 147 community residents. The participants were randomly assigned either to maintain a regular sleep schedule or to restrict their sleep at home by about five hours across two nights. Then the team assessed anger while the participants were exposed to irritating noise.

As per results, individuals who maintained good sleep adapted to noise and reported less anger after two days. On the other hand, sleep-restricted individuals exhibited higher and increased anger in response to aversive noise. The researchers concluded that sleep-restriction boosts anger and frustration.

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  • Inadequate Sleep Amplifies Angry Feelings, Says New Study