Just Ten Minutes Of Massage Or Other Quick Relaxation Techniques Can Help Your Body Fight Stress Better

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Mental Health News: Psychologists at the University of Konstanz discovered that people had a higher level of physiological relaxation after only ten minutes of receiving a massage.

Stress is a normal response to an emotional or physical trigger. However, our bodies are equipped with a regenerative system to fight stress while experiencing a threat. A recent study pointed out that a ten-minute massage and physical relaxation can help to ease stress experienced by an individual. Even ten minutes of resting can boost relaxation. The Journal of Scientific Reports indicated that short-term treatments can greatly reduce stress on a psychological and physiological level by boosting the body’s parasympathetic nervous system.

Jens Pruessner, head of the Neuropsychology Lab and Professor at the Cluster of Excellence says “to get a better handle on the negative effects of stress, we need to understand its opposite – relaxation.” He believes that relaxation therapies show great promise in treating stress.

Developing a standardized method of using relaxation techniques can be used in prevention or rehabilitation programs for people suffering from stress-related diseases such as anxiety disorder or depression.

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