Partying With A Purpose: Are There Mental Health Benefits Of Celebrations?

What Are The Mental Health Benefits Of Celebrations
  • A recent study explored the health benefits of celebrations.
  • Experts have linked celebrations to reduced risks of mental health conditions.

Why Are Healthy Celebrations Beneficial?

Social celebrations are joyous occasions that essentially include eating, drinking, and gathering together. A recent study conducted by Indiana University revealed that such celebrations are beneficial for health, mental and physical. Its benefits include:

  • Perceived social support in case of future, negative life events
  • Experiencing positive feelings related to companionship, gratitude, and appreciation of others
  • Enhanced prosocial behavior (like helping, sharing, donating, cooperating, volunteering, etc.)
  • Increased life-span
  • Greater ability to handle stressful situations
  • Decreased risks of mental health conditions

The researchers revealed: “We found that when people feel supported socially after a celebration, they’re more ‘pro-social,’ and more willing to volunteer their time or donate to a cause. This would be a good time for non-profits to market donation campaigns, around the time many people are celebrating positive life events, like holidays or graduations.

Celebrations And Mental Health

Research shows that people who take time to reflect on and celebrate their own and other people’s successes are generally at a lesser risk of mental health conditions like:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Social withdrawal
  • Substance abuse
  • Eating disorders
  • Sleeplessness

Celebrating Positive Life Events And Mental Health

Celebrating positive life events not just enhances familial bonds with friends and family, but also helps remember landmark events.

Such joyous occasions, religious or national holidays/celebrations centered on achievements, also create personal traditions and rituals that foster companionship, creativity, and prosocial behavior. Celebrations increase people’s sense of well-being, regardless of socioeconomic factors, education, age, or gender.

Emerging studies specifically reveal that hosting celebrations at places serving physically and mentally vulnerable populations—such as nursing homes, community centers, and refugee camps—can be essentially beneficial in combating the consequences of negative events.

Celebrating Professional Successes And Mental Health

Celebrating professional success at the workplace brings several benefits, namely:

  • Promoting team-building
  • Creating happier, more productive teams
  • Boosting confidence and motivation in both employees and employers alike
  • Improving retention rates
  • Strengthening peer network and support systems

Tips To Reap The Health Benefits Of Celebrations

Because celebrations benefit your mental health and social well-being, try to incorporate time for celebrations and social gatherings into your busy schedule.

Such occasions are beautiful opportunities to spend time with your loved ones, so try to make every moment count! Engage in fun games, conversations, and appreciation for the shared time; such an approach can go a long way in benefiting your mental health and relationships.

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