Migraines Prevent People From Going To Work, Study Says

Migraines Prevent People From Going To Work

Health News – In a new study, Danish researchers provide insight into the seriousness of chronic headaches, especially migraines and tension headaches. They have also suggested ways in which headache disorders can be addressed, both at home and at the workplace.

Research conducted at the University of Copenhagen explores how headache disorders affect our ability to work every day.

The researchers surveyed self-reported information about migraine and tension headaches from more than 5,000 active people in Denmark with different educational backgrounds. They also studied factors like the participants’ use of painkillers, general health, symptoms of depression, pain in muscles and joints, and their ability to do specific tasks.

In the findings, now published in the International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, the researchers have voiced concern over the rising cases of headache disorders.

Chronic headaches are the second most common cause of sick leaves (after infectious diseases) across the world. These impair our abilities linked to cognition and physical labor and often come accompanied by vomiting, nausea, and sensitivity to light and sound.

One of the lead authors, Kirsten Nabe-Nielsen, elaborates, “Therefore, headache disorders carry large personal and socio-economic costs.”

The general population is frequently misinformed about the significance of headache disorders, because of which migraines and other chronic headaches often go mistreated.

For instance, the researchers noted that two groups—the ‘over-treated’ one which uses painkillers on a daily basis and the ‘under-treated’ one which doesn’t use medication at all—both share the lowest ability to work because of improperly treated headaches.

The researchers are enthusiastic that studies like this can raise awareness about headache disorders and mental health issues related to it. They also encourage people suffering from frequent headaches to seek medical help.

Most importantly, they suggest that workplaces should incorporate innovative measures to help their workforce who frequently experience headaches.

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