Research Reveals Motherhood Equals Working 2.5 Full-Time Jobs

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Parenting News:  According to the survey it is claimed that mothers doing parenting activities is equal to working like 98 hours a week.

Being a mother is the most beautiful, but the toughest job in the world. Now there is a US study that supports this fact with numbers. According to the survey by Welch’s, the time mothers spend on parenting activities is equivalent to working 98-hours a week, which is the same as working 2.5 full time jobs.

The survey of 2000 mothers of children aged five to 12 showed that most moms start their daily work at 6.23 am and continue until 8.31 pm, which is whopping 14-hour shift far beyond the normal full-time work schedule. Needless to say, a mother of a newborn baby works even at midnight changing nappies or feeding, which amounts to 24-hour “work” day.

As per study results, 40% of moms feel they have a never ending list of tasks and manage to get just over one hour to fulfill their personal needs. Other than mom duties they also have to cook food, buy groceries, maintain property and coordinate other household management activities. When asked how they cope with such hectic schedules, busy moms said they rely on coffee, short naps, iPads, drive-thru meals, Netflix, toys, wine, and kids’ TV shows.

The study findings highlight that being a mother is a highly-demanding job and it needs a lot of hard work.

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