Music Improves Math Skills: Study Confirms

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Music Improves Math Skills

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A research team at Portland State University explored how music improves math skills in high-income schools. The study is published in the journal Sociological Perspectives.

The Study

To better understand the link between music and math, researchers surveyed a large nationwide dataset on how arts classes impact math achievement in American schools.

They particularly probed into how music helps improve the learning of mathematics. They also explored how this academic association varies, depending on the socio-economic composition of the school.

The Findings

The results revealed the importance of music classes and arts classes in general. In fact, music improves mathematical skills, but only in schools with high socio-economic status (SES). This association is absent in low-SES schools with lower-quality or under-resourced teaching tools and curricula.

One of the lead researchers, Mackin Freeman, elaborated: “Creating an environment where students have access to a well-rounded [arts–science] curriculum might indirectly affect math achievement,” he said. “That could be something as simple as, they’re willing to go to class because they have band or painting class to look forward to.

To Know More You May Refer To

Mackin Freeman, D., & Shifrer, D. (2022). Arts for Whose Sake? Arts Course-taking and Math Achievement in US High Schools. Sociological Perspectives, 073112142211245.

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