New Blood Test Detects Depression And Bipolar Disorder

Mental Health News: Researchers at Indiana University of Medicine found a novel biological basis for mood disorders, helping them create a blood test to identify depression and bipolar disorder aimed at a precision medicine approach to treatment.

The researchers hired 300 participants and conducted the study over 4 years. They observed the participants in both high and low mood states and recorded changes in the blood biomarkers in between the two states. Using large databases with details from previous research in the field the researchers cross-validated their findings.

Altogether the researchers found 26 biomarkers that can inform them about a person’s state of mind – both present and future. The team has created a blood test composed of RNA biomarkers that will help in identifying the severity of a patient’s depression while looking at the risk of bipolar disorder too. Besides, diagnosing mental health disorders, the blood test will also give specific insights into the best suitable pharmaceutical treatment for that patient.

Blood biomarkers were commonly used for diagnosing diseases and cancer. But the results of the new study provide a promise for bringing these biomarkers into the field of mental health.

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Le-Niculescu, H., Roseberry, K., Gill, S.S. et al. Precision medicine for mood disorders: objective assessment, risk prediction, pharmacogenomics, and repurposed drugs. Mol Psychiatry (2021).

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