Insufficient sleep fuels Teen Obesity, Study Finds

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Researchers at the European Society of Cardiology studied the link between obesity in teens and sleep deprivation. The study is yet to be published.

The Study

In order to understand the association between overweight teenagers and sleep loss, the researchers examined 1,229 adolescents in the SI! Program for Secondary Schools trial in Spain.

Sleep was measured for seven days by making the participants wear an activity tracker. The study group was categorized into “very short”, “short”, and “optimal” sleepers. Overweight and obesity were determined according to body mass index.

Additional factors like parental education, smoking status, energy intake, etc. were adjusted before the associations between obesity, metabolic syndrome score, and sleep duration were analyzed.

The Findings

The results revealed that sleep deprivation in teens is associated with obesity. In fact, insufficient sleep in teenagers encourages unhealthy eating habits that are likely to make teenagers overweight and fuel obesity.

One of the lead researchers, Mr. Martínez Gómez, elaborated: “The connections between insufficient sleep and adverse health [indicate] that sleep itself is important. Excess weight and metabolic syndrome are ultimately associated with cardiovascular diseases, suggesting that health promotion programs in schools should teach good sleep habits.

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