Parental Conflict Affects A Child In The Long Run: Study

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  • Research shows that parental conflict affects a child, particularly his/her developmental experiences and wellbeing.
  • Experts suggest ways for the peaceful resolution of parental conflict that hurts kids.

Parents are a child’s role models and their conduct, ideologies, and values shape their offspring throughout their lives. Because of this, we should be particularly mindful of the disastrous impact parental conflict has on a child’s mental health.

Understanding Parental Conflict

Disagreements and conflict resolution are parcels of a healthy relationship. However, conflicts that turn ugly, especially in relationships that involve children, have a negative impact on all the parties involved. “Parental conflict”, as it is commonly referred to, often involves marital dissatisfaction and gets expressed in name-calling, toxic arguments, insults, and humiliating exchanges. This negative behavior emotionally damages the children—the unavoidable witnesses to broken intimate relationships—for life.

How Parental Conflict Affects A Child

Children caught amidst parental wars develop social adjustment issues, a negative perception of people, and a pessimistic approach to life. Children’s mental health suffers, making them prone to low self-esteem, behavioral problems, anxiety, depression, etc. Parental conflict also strains the parent-child relationship. It alienates kids from their parents, leaving them insecure and confused about their future.

How Do Parents Manage Conflicts Healthily?

In order to minimize the damage of partner disharmony meted out to your children, consider the following tips:

  • Keep discussions private
  • Work on peaceful conflict resolution strategies
  • Be polite and courteous in front of your children
  • Do not neglect your children amidst the conflict
  • Do not abuse your children to get back at your partner
  • Communicate honestly with the children regarding the situation
  • Reassure the children of your love and support

In fact, understanding that parents fighting affects a child’s mental health and taking steps to amicably resolve partner conflict are signs of astute and positive parenting.

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