Parenting Stress Linked To Attachment Insecurity In Young Adults: Study


Parenting Stress Causes Attachment Insecurity

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A team of researchers at Arizona State University explored the link between parenting stress and attachment insecurity in young adulthood. The study is published in the Journal of Marriage and Family.

The Study

The researchers conducted surveys of 156 young adults and their parents. The participants were asked to respond to questionnaires about patterns of attachment in the family, mutual attachment security, and the impact of parenting stress in interparental and parent–child relationships.

The Findings

The results revealed that an increase in parenting stress in a family increases attachment insecurity in adulthood.

The study divides attachment in the families of young adults into three separate components: the internal attachment type of each member of the family, the characteristics of each family member as an attachment figure, and the dyad-specific attachment between family members. Parental stress negatively disbalances these attachment types and creates attachment insecurity in young adults.

To Know More You May Refer To

An, D., Jager, J., Putnick, D. L., & Bornstein, M. H. (2022). Parenting stress and attachment insecurity in young adulthood: A social relations model. Journal of Marriage and Family.

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