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What Makes For A Great Romantic Relationship? This Study Will Surprise You

    news 14 July feature

    Psychology News

    Researchers at the University of Missouri explored how pairing people of similar desirability results in long-lasting and successful relationships. The anthropological study is published in the journal Science Advances.

    The Study

    The researchers surveyed Himba, a group of semi-nomadic agro-pastoralists, from northwest Namibia. They analyzed data about the tribals’ marriage, parenting decisions, child health, food insecurity, etc. They estimated their “mate value” and reviewed their relationship status.

    One of the lead researchers, Sean Prall, explained: “This was a great population to look at these questions because everyone knows each other and most date and marry within the population. That’s how people have been partnering up for thousands and thousands of years, not online, but with people in your community.”

    The Findings

    The results revealed that people with similar mate values were more likely to enter into a relationship with each other. Moreover, it was found that people of similar desirability also enjoyed better relationship outcomes.

    Therefore, the researchers recommended that people who enter into a relationship should consider basing their bond on similar and actual mate values rather than other people’s preferences. People who pair up should prioritize their personal choices and actions and not societal dictates.

    To Know More You May Refer To

    Prall, S., & Scelza, B. (2022). The effect of mating market dynamics on partner preference and relationship quality among Himba pastoralists. Science advances8(18), eabm5629.