Remote Learning Resulting in Mental Health Crisis Among Teens and Children, Experts Reveal

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According to the recent findings, mental health professionals and doctors for children are experiencing an increased number of visits from patients between 12 and 17 years of age. The visits have increased by 31% when compared to the statistics of 2019, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC also found an increase in children visiting the emergency room for mental health crises.

Additionally, pediatricians have also reported increased signs of trouble in their offices. According to Dr. Valerie Kimball (a pediatrician in north suburban Evanston), she is making more referrals to mental health specialists and prescribing more antidepressants than usual. She has also observed signs of relapse in younger children, like losing toilet training. Plus, across age groups, more patients are gaining notable amounts of weight. According to her, the major cause of these conditions is prolonged remote learning. Dr. Kimball said while kids are flexible, this is pushing the limits. She believes that the damage of staying isolated outweighs the risk of going back to school. Whether it is the family getting affected by the COVID-19, loss of income, or simply a change in routine, it is leaving a deep impact on kids across different walks of life.

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