The Secrets Of Waking Up Alert, New Study Reveals

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The Secrets Of Waking Up Alert

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Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, examined tricks to waking up alert and refreshed. The study is published in the journal Nature Communications.

The Study

The researchers made a detailed analysis of the behavior of 833 people who, over a two-week period, were given a variety of sleep, exercise, and breakfast regimes. The participants kept sleep diaries and diet diaries.

The Findings

The results revealed significant “open” secrets to waking up alert and avoiding morning sleepiness. A disciplined regime of standardized breakfast (with moderate amounts of fat and carbohydrates) and adequate sleep and exercise can help us avoid morning grogginess and wake up refreshed.

One of the lead researchers, Raphael Vallat, elaborated: “All of these have a unique and independent effect. If you sleep longer or later, you’re going to see an increase in your alertness. If you do more physical activity on the day before, you’re going to see an increase. You can see improvements with each and every one of these factors.

To Know More You May Refer To

University of California – Berkeley. (2022, November 29). Scientists discover secret to waking up alert and refreshed: Takeaway: Sleep longer and later, get exercise the day before, eat a low sugar, high carb breakfast. ScienceDaily. Retrieved December 2, 2022 from

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