Search Engines Could Help Young People Find Best Mental Health Resources: Study

Search Engines Could Help Young News

Mental Health News – A recent study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry found the crucial role of search engines and content providers in helping young people find the most reliable mental health resources.

Dr. Diane Pennington conducted a study at the University of Strathclyde to better understand how search engines and content providers can help young people find the best online mental health resources. Though young adults are believed to be masters at using technology, most of them have the worst access when finding an online mental health resource, showed the study findings.

“Searches for mental health support may not lead to a health service site and they could find something which does not support them in a positive way. This could happen if they did a search which reflected the way they were feeling, or if they used a clinical term such as ‘depressed’,” said Dr. Pennington.

According to him, young people will be more interested in reading a page that includes illustrations or non-medical suggestions easier to understand. “People also often don’t look at search results after the first page but sometimes that’s where the best results are. Search engines and content providers could help in this by thinking about how they could make the most helpful material as visible as possible,” he further added.

Dr. Pennington later mentioned that certain works have been already done on some apps and websites to make them more interesting and easier to find online.

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