Spending Time In Blue Spaces Boosts Mental Health: Study Finds

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Spending Time In Blue Spaces Boosts Mental Health

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Researchers at the University of Exeter explored how spending time in blue spaces in childhood boosts mental health. The study is published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology.

The Study

In order to understand the effects of blue spaces on mental health, the research team surveyed data from the BlueHealth International Survey (BIS). It examined 15,000 people across 14 European Countries and 4 other non-European countries.

The participants were asked about childhood experiences of spending time around blue spaces, playing in blue settings, and mental health in recent weeks.

The Finding

The results revealed that spending time around blue spaces (such as coastal and inland waters, rivers, and lakes) are strongly associated with positive childhood experiences. People who spend their childhood in such blue spaces also turn into adults with better mental health.

The authors elaborated: “Our findings suggest that building familiarity and confidence in and around blue spaces during childhood may stimulate an inherent joy of nature and encourage people to seek out recreational nature experiences, with beneficial consequences for adult mental health.

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