How Can Indian Students Channel Their Mental Health Issues Towards Productive Ends?

  • Studies show that cases of social anxiety and depression amongst Indian students are at an all-time high.
  • Experts recommend that they must find comfortable and innovative ways to combat issues like depression in students’ life.

Skyrocketing Cases

A recent survey by WHO revealed that one in seven Indians 15-24 years in age feels depressed. It laid bare the mental health challenges—mostly pertaining to depression and anxiety—faced by students who constitute most of this age group. Experts have attributed their psychological difficulties to academic pressures and a fast-paced life flooded with social detachment, virtual realities, unreal standards, etc.

The Way Forward

Researchers and medical professionals recommend students that they should formulate creative and comfortable self-help strategies for fighting anxiety and depression. For instance, personal resilience developed through the ability to communicate about personal problems or exercise regularly is associated with good mental health and increased productivity in students.

Instead of just falling back on conventional ways to seek help for mental health, they can complement the diagnostic processes with their own techniques. They can steer their subconscious minds in positive directions and harness situations related to stress, anxiety, etc. This can help them develop new tools for motivation, productivity, and success.

In the words of Pranay Gautam Morarka, the CEO of Morarka Finance Limited, “individuals can positively restructure these [negative] emotions with help and firmly channel the cesspool of negative emotions” to evolve into progressive human beings.

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  • How Can Indian Students Channel Their Mental Health Issues Towards Productive Ends?