Students Who Repeat A Grade Experience More Bullying, Study Says

Psychology News – Study found that students who have repeated a grade are more likely to be the victims of bullying in countries across the world.

In a new study, researchers at the Fudan University analyzed the data of the Program for International Student Assessment (2018) that included information on 465,146 students (aged 15 and 16) from 76 countries or economies. The data showed that 12.25% of students had repeated a grade and 30.32% of students had experienced bullying at least a few times a month during the previous year.

As per the study findings, students who repeated a grade had a higher risk of being the victims of bullying, as compared to other students. The researchers observed this association between experiences of repeating a grade and a higher risk of being bullied among students of both sexes in 46 different countries/economies. The research result showed that girls who repeated a grade were more likely than boys to be made fun of, have possessions taken away, be pushed around, and be threatened.

“These results are of great concern for parents, teachers, principals, and policymakers at different levels, especially in countries where grade repetition is particularly prevalent,” said Xiayun Zuo, lead author of the study published in the journal PLOS Medicine.

The researchers later mentioned that the study was limited to adolescents who were attending school at the time the survey was administered and the measures of bullying experience and grade repetition were also self-reported by the students.

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