Study Reports Poor Mental Health In Children Who Missed Lockdown Homeschooling


A new study has revealed that children who have missed home-schooling in the first lockdown with existing mental health illness, will possibly see a deterioration in their condition.

A survey was conducted on parents of children with emotional and behavioral problems in London. The results had revealed those who did not engage in education had double the chances to experience a worsening condition of their brain health than those who did take part in education. More than 1,700 parents were questioned as part of the research with children suffering from conditions such as anxiety, depression, autism, and ADHD. The results, still under progress, shows that the behavioral problems of 66% of children who hardly took part in education during the first lockdown got worse. Additionally, the impact was more pronounced in primary school children.

Emily Simonoff, professor of child and adolescent psychiatry at King’s College London, said that the research exhibited “a clear direct relationship between how much one is engaged and how much impact it leaves on one’s mental health”.

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