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TikTok’s “Hot Girl Walk”: Is It An Exercise Trend Worth Following?

    TikToks Hot Girl Walk Is It An Exercise Trend Worth Following card
    • Tiktok has a new exercise trend: the hot girl walk.
    • This walking trend helps us stay in shape and fulfill our life goals.

    What Is The “hot Girl Walk”?

    Hot girl walk is TikTok’s latest exercise obsession that combines mindful walking and intentional self-love. Formulated by a USC student named Mia Lind, the walking trend involves walking 2–4 miles a day, for nearly an hour, and contemplating about:

    • The things you are grateful about
    • Your goals and steps needed to achieve them
    • Personal beauty

    Combining Brain And Body In The Hot Girl Walk

    Lind explains that the hot girl walk is less about losing weight and more about engaging in a personal journey of self-reflection, growth, and self-improvement. For instance, a daily regime involving the hot girl walk may also involve little activities that gear a person towards positivity and optimism. This includes:

    • Listening to uplifting music or podcasts while doing the hot girl walk
    • Limiting alcohol use
    • Doing tiny acts of kindness for others
    • Self-care activities

    What Are The Physical Health Benefits Of The Hot Girl Walk?

    The hot girl walk on Tiktok is created to foster sound physical and mental wellbeing.

    Experts contend that the physical benefits of the hot girl walk are evident in its ‘exercise-like’ properties. Walking is an optimal physical activity that improves our body’s motor activity and reduces the risks of diseases like:

    • Arthritis
    • Obesity
    • Cancer
    • Dementia
    • Diabetes
    • Coronary diseases
    • Cardiovascular diseases

    What Are The Mental Health Benefits Of The Hot Girl Walk?

    Experts claim that the hot girl walk boosts our mental health, mindfulness, and psychological resilience by:

    • Healing us in the natural environment
    • Energizing us
    • Boosting our mood and self-esteem
    • Doing away with intrusive and negative thoughts
    • Helping us focus on the ‘here and now’
    • Enhancing our feelings of gratitude and optimism
    • Helping us achieve our personal, professional, and social goals
    • Helping us build a disciplined value system

    Hot Girl Walk: A Tiktok Trend Worth Following?

    A certain group of medical professionals has raised concerns about the ‘exclusivity’ of the hot girl walk, as the walking trend bases itself on hip-hop and fan culture gendered ‘body image’ notions like “hot girl summer”. It has also sparked off self-aggrandizing celebrity-inspired health trends like “12-3-30”, “Gay Girl Walk”, and the “Taylor Swift Treadmill Strut”.

    Nonetheless, the overall response to and usefulness of the hot girl walk is positive. As Dr. DJ Moran of Touro University (New York) put it: “It’s fantastic that hot girl walks encourage more people to exercise and work on self-improvement. I’m really glad to hear more young adults are taking walks and doing it more frequently, especially while engaging in gratitude and self-reflection.”

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