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Did You Know Tiredness Drives Our Cravings For Soft Drinks?

    news 1 October featured

    Brain News

    In an emerging study, researchers at Flinders University explored why people at the end of a tiring day experience cravings for soft drinks. The study is published in the journal Eating Behaviors.

    The Study

    The researchers analyzed data from 128 participants, aged 17–25 years. For one whole week, they completed a daily consumption measure and a craving diary.

    The Findings

    The results revealed that tiredness, thirst, and advertising influence cravings for non-alcoholic beverages, caffeinated beverages, and water. Not only were cravings for coffee, water, and soft drinks found, but also tea, juice, and flavored milk.

    One of the lead researchers, Mr. McGreen, remarked: “Our study clearly shows that for soft drinks and coffee, cravings can indicate how much a person will go on to consume, but it also indicates that thirst is not the driving factor.

    To Know More You May Refer To

    McGreen, J., Kemps, E., & Tiggemann, M. (2022). Beyond thirst: Cravings for non-alcoholic beverages including soft drink. Eating behaviors46, 101662.