Why Emotional Intelligence And Mental Health Should Be Added In The Curriculum

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  • Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a valued skill
  • EI, along with mental health, must be inculcated in educational curriculum at all levels

Along with mental health, Emotional Intelligence (EI) should be inculcated in the curriculum at all learning levels.

Recent ground-breaking research has shown Emotional Intelligence (EI) taking precedence over Intelligence Quotient (IQ). Success at work or life depends on 80% of EI and 20% of intellect. The World Economic Forum has also listed EI in sixth position among the top 10 skills that employees will need to thrive in the workplace of the future.

Studies associate EI with greater psychological resilience, careeristic success, self-awareness, sensitization, empathy, leadership skills, and holistic life satisfaction. In a way, it also ensures better mental well-being.

In schools, educational curriculums and learning programs should be used to reap the benefits of EI. A study states approximately 50% of kids enrolled in SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) programs immensely benefited from them. They showed better achievement scores, almost 40% improvement in grade-point-averages, lower suspension rates, etc.

In India, the dire mental health crisis in the post-Covid period calls for the prioritization of psychological resilience and emotional well-being. Specifically, children and adolescents are bearing the brunt of neglected mental health. UNICEF surveys in India have found that one out of every seven young people (between 15–24 years) falls prey to depression. Youth suicide and substance abuse-addictions are widely prevalent. Moreover, only 41% of young Indians display willingness to therapy.

Therefore, emotional intelligence and mental health should be inculcated in the curriculum at all educational and professional levels. The goal of every learning system should not be simply limited to creating professionally successful individuals. These should also create holistic, socially valuable individuals.

Mental health plays an undeniable role in creating well-rounded individuals. Empowering the children and the youth with sound mental health is the weapon to prepare them for a brighter tomorrow.

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