Youth Who Think They Are More Attractive Are Likely To Engage In Offending Behavior: Study Finds

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Youth Who Think They Are More Attractive

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A team of researchers at Bowling Green State University claimed that youth who think they are more attractive are prone to offending behavior. The study is published in the journal Crime & Delinquency.

The Study

The researchers surveyed data from the Adolescent Academic Context Study. They sought to use general strain theory to explain the link between attractiveness and criminal behavior.

They also conducted a survey in which the participants reported their self-perceptions of attractiveness and offending behaviors (like painting graffiti, lying to parents, selling drugs, or stealing).

The Findings

The results revealed that self-perceptions of attractiveness comprise a major risk factor for crime.

One of the lead researchers, Thomas J. Mowen, elaborated: “Counter to our expectations, youth who rated themselves as better looking committed more crime than youth who rated themselves as less good looking. Generally speaking, these findings suggest that being ‘good looking’ may be a risk factor for offending!

To Know More You May Refer To

Mowen, T. J., Boman, J. H., 4th, Kopf, S., & Booth, M. Z. (2022). Self-Perceptions of Attractiveness and Offending During Adolescence. Crime and delinquency, 68(10), 1847–1875.

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